Freelance engineer, maker of things.

Freelance engineering Robotics, mechanical engineering, human factors and interface design

I’m a freelance engineer in Toronto, Canada and have worked with clients both locally and remotely. I have both practical experience and formal education in the following disciplines:

Cognitive ergonomics
Blending psychological principles in human perception and decision making with engineering principles and system design to create interfaces which improve clarity of a system, while minimizing errors and maximizing productivity.
Electronic design
Making sensory and control systems for various industries, often melded with mechanical design for robotics applications.
Mechanical design
Analyzing energy systems, as well as designing, prototyping and manufacturing various mechanisms with an eye for reducing complexity and improving reliability.
Software design
I create solutions and build software ranging from the lowest level of writing assembly code for microcontroller firmware (sometimes you have to for timing, though C is my go-to for embedded systems), to building complex web or multi-platform applications.


I studied engineering at the University of Toronto, with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics, Energy Systems), and a Master of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering (Engineering Psychology/Human Factors).

Past work

I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects for clients in energy to agriculture to aerospace. Some examples include:

  • Distributed air flow monitoring system for food production facilities
  • Predictor display design and analysis for achieving closed-loop control of robotic systems in space with large communication delays
  • Modelling tool for a novel greentech device
  • Energy monitoring installations and analysis tools, including remotely-accessible systems with web interfaces
  • Secure web-based tool for mental health professionals and their patients to perform validated assessments, track and analyze results over time

Talk to me about your project

Send me an email (ori at <this domain>). If my schedule is too busy or if I don’t think I can provide a valuable contribution, I will let you know and if possible refer you to someone else who would be able to help. My goal is to solve interesting problems, not to waste resources.

From my experience, the earlier we have a conversation, the more useful my contribution can be. Even if you are still in the planning stage and uncertain about requirements, I’d love to hear from you.